Ludwig Addresses Rumors of Moving to Kick

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Ludwig Addresses Rumors of Moving to Kick
Popular streamer Ludwig has been caught up in a storm of rumors about a potential move to Kick. Here's his take on the situation.

Amid rumors and social media uproar suggesting a potential move from YouTube to Kick, streaming sensation Ludwig Ahgren, popularly known as Ludwig, has set the record straight. He clarified in a recent video that he is not joining Kick, despite his account being verified on the platform.

The speculation was triggered when Ludwig's account on Kick was verified. Many in the community interpreted this as a sign that Ludwig might be following in the footsteps of several other high-profile streamers like Hikaru Nakamura, Adin Ross, and xQc, who have recently transitioned to the new platform.

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The rumor reached such a height that even his superior at YouTube expressed concern. "My boss at YouTube was like, what is all this I'm seeing?" Ludwig shared in his video. The misunderstanding stemmed from a simple request by Ludwig to have his username on Kick, which was taken. He reached out to Kick's social media team, who not only granted him his desired username but also verified his account.

In the video, Ludwig expressed his dedication to his current platform, stating, "I'm not going to Kick, I like YouTube, I've been YouTube's guy. I try very hard over here at YouTube, I try to make sure that I do a good job over here at"

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His insistence on sticking to YouTube comes at a time when Kick has been making waves in the streaming world, not just with its significant user base but also its aggressive talent acquisition strategy, as revealed by Kick CEO Eddie in a recent interview. The platform has expressed interest in signing popular streamer Dr Disrespect, showcasing its ongoing attempts to disrupt the streaming landscape.

However, for Ludwig, there is no temptation to make the switch. He elaborated that he doesn't think he would be a fit for the current state of Kick. "Candidly speaking, I don't think Train [a prominent Kick personality] would want me on the website, and in Kick's current state, I think it would be tough to do the things that I want to do on Kick."

This development has thrown light on the intense competition in the streaming industry, where platform loyalty can be tested, and even a small misinterpretation can spark rumors. While Kick continues to make strides, it's clear that Ludwig, for now, is sticking with YouTube. However, only time will tell how the balance of power shifts in the streaming universe.