Kick Expresses Interest in Signing DrDisrespect

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Kick Expresses Interest in Signing DrDisrespect
In a recent interview, Kick CEO revealed the platform's interest in signing Dr Disrespect, indicating potential changes in the live streaming world.

In a significant development that could further disrupt the live streaming landscape, Kick CEO Eddie has revealed the platform's interest in signing the renowned streamer Dr Disrespect. During a recent interview with esports host Jake Lucky, Eddie shared some insights about their ongoing conversations with potential streamers, including Dr Disrespect. Recently, doc also expressed his interest to stream on Kick for a $50M contract.

"I've personally been a massive fan of Dr Disrespect for a long time," said Eddie during the interview. "Having the chance to work alongside these guys is so cool. Doc is someone that we would love to work with. We are talking with his team, we're talking with everyone."

These discussions represent a crucial aspect of Kick's growth strategy, seeking to attract top talent and provide streamers what they're worth. The platform has already made a splash in the industry, signing high-profile streamers such as xQc, Hikaru Nakamura, and Adin Ross, and subsequently celebrating a significant milestone of 10 million user accounts.

The potential signing of Dr Disrespect would be particularly noteworthy due to the streamer's history. Dr Disrespect, a former Twitch star, was permanently banned from the Amazon-owned platform in 2020 under mysterious circumstances, making his shift to YouTube a major talking point in the streaming community. His addition to Kick's roster could offer the platform another boost in its quest to compete with Twitch.

Kick's aggressive talent acquisition strategy has stirred debates among streamers, with some voicing concerns about the platform's association with Stake, a crypto casino and gambling website. Regardless of the controversy, Kick continues to attract new viewers and creators alike with its better financial incentives and looser moderation.

Eddie's comments confirm that Kick is undeterred in its plans to disrupt the live streaming industry. "We want to work with everyone; we want to make things happen; we want to bring people over," he stated emphatically. As Kick continues to drive its expansion, the landscape of live streaming is witnessing a dramatic shift. The question remains: who will be the next big name to jump ship?