nitr0 Bids EliGE Farewell From Team Liquid

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nitr0 Bids EliGE Farewell From Team Liquid
nitr0 shares support for EliGE's departure from Liquid, before news of his move to Complexity. Unpack the latest in CS:GO transfers.

In the latest developments from the esports scene, former Liquid player Nick "nitr0" Cannella took to Twitter to share a heartfelt message for his ex-teammate Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, who has recently left Liquid.

nitr0's tweet came prior to the official announcement of EliGE's move to Complexity. In his message, he expressed his support for EliGE's future endeavors, stating, "It’ll be weird not seeing EliGE on Team Liquid but I know you will find success in whatever you decide on next. I’m stoked to see what you end up doing and I’ll support your decision no matter what. Good luck my brother 🫡❤️."

This message underscores the close-knit camaraderie among players, even amidst major roster changes. nitr0 himself recently left Liquid, marking his departure with the entry of Aleks "Rainwaker" Petrov. EliGE's departure further stirred speculations of Liquid transitioning to a European roster.

With EliGE now confirmed to be joining Complexity, the words of nitr0 ring true, as his friend and former teammate begins a new chapter in his esports career. EliGE also conveyed his excitement about joining Complexity and reuniting with Michael "Grim" Wince, revealing his eagerness to stick to his NA roots.

As the CS:GO esports scene continues to experience a significant reshuffle, fans are on edge, eagerly awaiting to see how these changes influence the dynamics of the upcoming season.