ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Teams, Schedule, Format

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ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Teams, Schedule, Format
Experience top-tier CS:GO action at ESL Pro League Season 18! Watch elite teams compete in this prestigious tournament with a massive prize pool. Don't miss out!

The ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament is set to captivate gaming enthusiasts worldwide with its thrilling competition and high-stakes battles. As one of the most prestigious events in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) esports scene, ESL Pro League Season 18 brings together top-tier teams from around the globe. This article provides an in-depth look at the tournament format, prize pool, participating teams, and important dates.

Tournament Format

The ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament features an intense and highly competitive format designed to test the skills and strategies of the participating teams. The tournament begins with the Group Stage, which consists of four triple-elimination format groups. Each group comprises eight teams, and all matches are played in a best-of-three (Bo3) format. The top four teams from each group advance to the Playoffs, with varying seedings based on their performance in the Group Stage.

In the Playoffs, the remaining teams face off in a single-elimination bracket. All matches, except for the Grand Final, are played as best-of-three (Bo3) series, ensuring that every encounter is filled with excitement and suspense. The Grand Final, on the other hand, is a best-of-five (Bo5) series, where the two top teams battle it out for the championship title.

Prize Pool

ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament boasts a significant prize pool of $850,000 USD, motivating teams to bring their best performances to the competition. The prize money is distributed among the participating teams as follows:

  • 1st Place: $200,000
  • 2nd Place: $90,000
  • 3rd-4th Place: $50,000 each
  • 5th-8th Place: $35,000 each
  • 9th-12th Place: $25,000 each
  • 13th-16th Place: $20,000 each
  • 17th-20th Place: $15,000 each
  • 21st-28th Place: $8,000 each
  • 29th-32nd Place: $4,000 each

The substantial prize money adds further excitement to the tournament, as teams strive to secure a top placement and claim their share of the rewards.

Participating Teams

A total of 32 elite teams will compete in ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament, representing some of the best talent in the CS:GO esports scene. The teams are divided into four groups: Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Here are the teams participating in each group:

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Important Dates

The ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament is scheduled to begin on August 30, 2023, and will conclude on October 1, 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready for a month-long extravaganza of top-tier CS:GO action.

The ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO Tournament promises to be a thrilling showcase of skill, strategy, and intense competition. With its meticulously crafted format, generous prize pool, and elite teams from around the world, this tournament is poised to captivate both dedicated CS:GO fans and esports enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for the adrenaline-pumping matches, unforgettable moments, and the crowning of the next ESL Pro League Season 18 champion.