Is Ludwig Plotting Another Streaming Platform Leap? Kick Awaits

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Is Ludwig Plotting Another Streaming Platform Leap? Kick Awaits
Is popular streamer Ludwig eyeing Kick after Twitch and YouTube? The gaming world waits with bated breath.

Kick, the up-and-coming streaming platform, is once again making headlines with a verified account named "Ludwig" surfacing on its network. The gaming world is abuzz with speculation about whether Ludwig Ahgren, famed Twitch defector turned YouTube sensation, is contemplating yet another platform switch.

The move has drawn comparisons to the recent high-profile switches by Twitch superstars xQc and Amouranth, both of whom made a surprising leap to Kick. This has been part of a broader trend of Twitch streamers flocking to other platforms, a phenomenon that Asmongold referred to as Twitch becoming a 'sinking ship.'

The 'Kick' Off: A Brewing Revolution

The account was spotted by game journalist Hunter, who took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the verified account. Ludwig's cryptic response to the tweet has fueled speculations, "Hunter it’s never too late to build something good and genuine."

Could this signify Ludwig's intention to join Kick, or is this simply a clever ruse? Considering Kick's recent spree of attracting high-profile streamers, the former scenario seems plausible. With back-to-back announcements of xQc and Amouranth's transition to Kick, it appears that the platform is aggressively carving its niche in the streaming industry.

A Potential Game-Changing Move

The lucrative deal struck between xQc and Kick has made waves in the entertainment industry. Valued at a staggering $100M for a two-year contract, the deal has outshone even LeBron James' extension with the Los Angeles Lakers last year.

Could Ludwig be considering a similar move? Ludwig, a prominent live streamer, has previously made the jump from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. On November 29, 2021, Ludwig announced his departure from live streaming on Twitch and moved to YouTube Gaming the following day. Despite his move to YouTube, a recent tweet celebrating his 5 million subscriber milestone shows that Ludwig continues to be an influential figure in the gaming community.

A New Era for Live Streaming?

As Kick continues its aggressive acquisition of popular Twitch personalities, many are left wondering who will be next. With Ludwig's tweet and his verified account on Kick, many speculate that he could be the next big name to join Kick's rapidly growing roster.

Should Ludwig choose to make the switch, this could signify a new era in live streaming, further validating Kick as a serious contender in the industry. However, as of now, Ludwig is still streaming on YouTube, last seen live just 16 hours ago. The streaming world waits with bated breath to see if this possible transition becomes a reality, marking another significant event in Kick's aggressive challenge to Twitch's dominance.