'Twitch is Becoming a Sinking Ship', Asmongold Claims Amid Amouranth's Shocking Switch to Kick

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'Twitch is Becoming a Sinking Ship', Asmongold Claims Amid Amouranth's Shocking Switch to Kick
Popular streamer Asmongold declares Twitch a 'sinking ship' as leading creator Amouranth leaves the platform for Kick.

In the latest news from the streaming world, top Twitch streamer Asmongold reacted to a significant development - the movement of Amouranth, one of the platform's most notable hot tub streamers, to a rival platform named Kick.

Asmongold stated that he was not surprised at this change, considering the significant popularity that Amouranth holds within the Twitch community. The streamer believes that Kick's rise in popularity could make it a serious contender to Twitch.

This move comes on the heels of another major Twitch personality, XQC, making the same jump to Kick, further adding fuel to Kick's growing reputation. Asmongold argued that the platform could become an increasingly popular choice if it continues to attract diverse streamers, leading to a multi-faceted ecosystem of viewership.

The streamer also discussed how viewership numbers might play out. He noted that while a viewer might typically stick to watching XQC or Aiden Ross individually, having multiple popular streamers on the platform could lead to more viewership overlap, thus fostering a more robust ecosystem.

Asmongold did not rule out the possibility of him moving to other platforms like Rumble, highlighting that his interest lies more in following the trends and the movement of the community.

However, he did point out some of the issues with Kick, notably that it is sometimes buggy, which might deter viewers. Nevertheless, he also noted the potential for Kick to make strides in the industry, especially if it becomes a platform for popular esports events.

Asmongold also touched upon the importance of mid-tier streamers, who attract around a thousand viewers. He believes creating incentives for these streamers could bolster the ecosystem, despite the popular notion that large streamers drive the platform's popularity.

Addressing previous failures like Mixer, Asmongold stated that the lack of value proposition and less audience could have led to its demise. In contrast, Kick, backed by the gambling platform Stake, has seen success as it allows streamers to earn revenue from a significantly higher traffic volume and word-of-mouth advertising.

This rise of Kick, according to Asmongold, is much more organic than previous platforms, which could help its sustainability in the long term. He highlighted several innovative features like hourly wages for streamers, which are being seen as beneficial, particularly for smaller streamers.

However, the streamer also admitted that Kick has its share of controversies, particularly with some questionable personalities on the platform. Despite this, he believes that viewers tend to choose the best product available to them, despite the perceived negatives.

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Asmongold suggested that for Twitch to retain its dominance, the platform needs to endure this phase and focus on enhancing its own ecosystem. He also opined that having a streamer leave does not negatively impact the platform unless the streamer is actively harming the viewers or the website.