Amouranth Abandons Twitch for Kick on Seventh Streaming Anniversary

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Amouranth Abandons Twitch for Kick on Seventh Streaming Anniversary
In a surprising turn of events, popular streamer Amouranth bids adieu to Twitch mid-livestream to join Kick, echoing xQc's recent move and sparking speculations about Twitch's future.

Adding to the series of high-profile migrations from Twitch, popular female streamer Amouranth moved to rival platform Kick during her seventh stream anniversary, following the footsteps of xQc, who recently signed a non-exclusive deal with Kick.

Amouranth, celebrated as the top female streamer on Twitch in 2022, is well-known for her witty humor and borderline NSFW content. Frequently discussed for her ability to test the limits of Twitch's content policies, she made a bold move by announcing her switch to Kick in the middle of her anniversary stream. This unexpected transition marks the departure of two top Twitch streamers to Kick within a span of two days.

While the details of her agreement with Kick remain unclear, this move by Amouranth is already sending ripples through the streaming community. In the past, she expressed apprehensions about moving to Kick from Twitch. However, her recent decision suggests a shift in stance, paving the way for potential dual-platform streaming or a complete switch.

Amouranth's announcement video began with her contemplatively assessing xQc’s deal with Kick, saying, "So, 100 million dollar deals have started… Can I get one of those?" She then transitioned to packing her bags and redirecting her journey towards Kick.

If her move mirrors xQc’s, Amouranth may not be bound to stream exclusively on Kick. Considering Kick's more generous revenue split for creators and its liberal content restrictions, it could serve as an ideal platform for the boundary-pushing streamer.

The defection of high-profile streamers has led to speculations about Twitch's dominance in the livestreaming sector. Following xQc's move to Kick, some top Twitch streamers have stated, "Twitch is done," a sentiment that has only been amplified by Amouranth's surprising move. The streaming world is eagerly watching for the next big name to follow the trail to Kick, with streamer Asmongold also reportedly considering the platform.