Twitch Introduces Partner Plus Program

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Twitch Introduces Partner Plus Program
Twitch unveils Partner Plus program, offering streamers a higher revenue share of 70% on net subscription revenue. Eligibility criteria apply. Launching October 1, 2023.

In a move to support the growth of its streamers' businesses, Twitch has announced the launch of the Partner Plus program. With this new program, Twitch aims to provide streamers with additional incentives as they continue to build their online presence. The Partner Plus program offers a significant revenue share increase to streamers who meet the qualification criteria.

Starting from October 1, 2023, streamers who qualify for the Partner Plus program will be entitled to a 70/30 revenue share on net subscription revenue, including revenue from recurring monthly subscriptions and gift subs. This program will be in effect for a duration of 12 months or until the streamer reaches a maximum payout of US$100,000.

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To be eligible for the Partner Plus program, Twitch Partners must maintain a minimum of 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months. Once this threshold is met, streamers will automatically be enrolled in the program for the next 12 months, even if their subscription count falls below the qualification criteria during this period.

Increased Earning Potential for Twitch Partners

The introduction of the Partner Plus program is an exciting development for Twitch streamers who rely on revenue generated through their channels. By offering a higher revenue share, Twitch aims to provide a greater incentive for streamers to continue producing engaging content and building a dedicated community of viewers.

Twitch understands the importance of sustaining its streamers' growth and fostering an environment that rewards their hard work. With the Partner Plus program, streamers now have an opportunity to earn a larger portion of the subscription revenue, enabling them to reinvest in their channels, upgrade equipment, or explore new creative avenues.

Enrolment and Notification Process

Streamers who meet the qualification criteria in the months of July, August, and September will be automatically enrolled in the Partner Plus program and receive notification of their acceptance in October. This ensures that streamers who have already demonstrated their commitment to building their channels will have the opportunity to benefit from the program.