Twitch Streamer Discovers Potential Game-Breaking Bug in Counter-Strike 2 Beta

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Twitch Streamer Discovers Potential Game-Breaking Bug in Counter-Strike 2 Beta
Popular Twitch streamer Louiecs2 uncovers a game-breaking 'Bench Bug' in Counter-Strike 2 Beta that causes server-wide lag.

Popular CS:GO streamer, Louiecs2, stumbled upon a potential game-breaking bug during a live stream on Twitch this Sunday in Counter-Strike 2. The bug, which has been dubbed the 'Bench Bug', was found to cause server-wide lag when triggered.

Louiecs2 was engaged in matchmaking on the map 'Mirage', playing for the Counter-Terrorist (CT) team, when he first noticed the anomaly. Whenever he, or any other player in the server, moved to the right side of a bench on the B site, the entire server began experiencing significant lag.

Mirage Bench Bug in CS2

In order to verify this was not a random occurrence, Louiecs2 performed a live demonstration. With a teammate replicating the movements to the problematic area of the bench, the server began lagging once again when the streamer started tossing Molotov cocktails and flashbangs.

The peculiar discovery was shared by Louiecs2 on Twitter, quickly gaining the attention of the Counter-Strike community. Despite being a potentially serious issue, fans seem to be taking the news in stride as Counter-Strike 2 is still in its Beta phase.

The official Counter-Strike Twitter account responded to the clip with a dash of humor, sharing a meme of Michael from The Office TV show and writing "I blame @austincsgo_," in the image description, further lightening the mood surrounding the issue.

This is not the first bug to be discovered in the game, but its impact is more significant given its potential to affect entire servers. Despite the humorous response, the developers behind Counter-Strike 2 will surely be looking into this issue promptly to ensure a smooth gameplay experience once the game fully launches.

As of now, it is unclear when the bug will be addressed. However, the discovery serves as an important reminder of the role Beta testing plays in refining a game before its official release.