TimTheTatman Skin Bundle Removed From Modern Warfare 2 Store Amid NICKMERCS Controversy

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TimTheTatman Skin Bundle Removed From Modern Warfare 2 Store Amid NICKMERCS Controversy
CoD community in turmoil as TimTheTatman's & NICKMERCS' skin bundles are removed from MW2 store amidst online drama.

The Call of Duty (CoD) community has been thrown into turmoil following a dramatic fallout involving prominent gaming figure NICKMERCS. Activision, the game's developer, removed NICKMERCS' Operator skin bundle from the Modern Warfare 2 store following a backlash triggered by a controversial tweet from the streamer.

The decision was met with mixed reactions, with some players expressing satisfaction while others expressed strong dissatisfaction. The rift even prompted threats of boycotts from some players and streamers. In a notable protest, well-known gaming personality Dr. Disrespect uninstalled Modern Warfare 2 during a live stream in solidarity with NICKMERCS.

In an unexpected turn of events, fellow streamer TimTheTatman requested that his Operator skin bundle also be removed from the store. Less than 24 hours after the request, both skin bundles were unavailable for purchase.

TimTheTatman's request to Activision quickly went viral, amassing over 21 million views on Twitter in less than a day. He chose not to comment on NICKMERCS' initial tweet or subsequent statement. However, he voiced his support for his fellow streamer, stating that it wouldn't feel right for his skin to remain available for purchase after NICKMERCS' was removed.

Responding to a request for a statement, Activision announced, “At Tim’s request, we have removed the TimTheTatman operator bundle from the Modern Warfare II and the Warzone store.”

The gaming community's reaction to this decision has been divided. Many are already missing Tim's skin and regretting not purchasing it while it was available. The fate of the purchased skins remains uncertain as Activision has yet to clarify whether players who wish to refund them will be able to do so.

This controversy highlights the deep influence that top streamers and players wield in the gaming world, and raises the question of how such public disputes will be managed in the future.