Valve Planning to Invite More Players to Join CS2 Beta Testing and Unveils New Round of CS2 Updates

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Valve Planning to Invite More Players to Join CS2 Beta Testing and Unveils New Round of CS2 Updates
Valve planning to expand CS2 beta testing, introduces vital map and weapon updates, and fixes workshop tool bugs for an enhanced gaming experience.

JUNE 10, 2023 - In the latest developments surrounding the much-anticipated sequel to Counter-Strike, CS2, Valve Corporation has today announced a new series of updates that includes adjustments to maps, weapon enhancements, and fixes to workshop tools. This comes amidst the ongoing limited test access period, where a second batch of users are being added to test the game.

Valve has made substantial changes to the map, Mirage. These modifications include removal of wallbang through the door towards the connector, blockage of a gap in the box stack at the top of mid, and closure of a pixel gap by the ticket booth. They've also reintroduced a jump onto the firebox in the A site. Alongside these strategic changes, several bugs affecting player and grenade collisions, as well as minor graphical glitches, have been addressed.

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In the weapons department, a key improvement is the fix to a nagging issue where disconnecting players would take the C4 explosive with them. This is a crucial fix to maintain game balance and fairness. In another move to enhance the player experience, the Deathmatch bonus weapons now offer weapons from the equipped loadout options, providing more variety and tactical flexibility. A significant addition is the "Replace for CT" context menu loadout shortcut for USP-S when P2000 is equipped and vice versa, streamlining loadout management. Valve has also improved the look of SCAR-20 and G3SG1, which will delight fans of these powerful weapons.

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The updates also cover a range of fixes to the workshop tools. Valve has resolved an asset compiler bug that was creating stray files when running in directories that have spaces. This will be a welcome fix for modders and map creators who have struggled with this problem.

These updates underscore Valve’s commitment to ensuring that CS2 provides the most refined and immersive gameplay experience possible. As we await further access to CS2 beyond the limited test access, these updates are a positive signal of the developer's commitment to quality and the gaming community's feedback. 

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to CS2 as we get closer to its official release. 

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