VALORANT Night Market Shutdown Explained and Reopening Details

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VALORANT Night Market Shutdown Explained and Reopening Details
VALORANT discloses a bug causing the Night Market crash, anticipates a fix and potential reopening next week.

In a new statement, VALORANT has shed light on the bug that led to the suspension of the Night Market, their popular in-game event offering players premium skins at discounted rates. According to their official Twitter account, the bug was causing the Night Market to crash, which prompted the unexpected shutdown of the Night Market earlier this week.

The tweet read, "Here's what's up with the Night Market.⬇️ A bug with Night Market is causing it to crash and right now it's looking real likely that we'll have to cancel this round—BUT we're hoping to patch things soon and give it another shot next week. We'll have an update by June 15 PST."

This indicates that the VALORANT team is considering the cancellation of the current round of the Night Market. However, the developers are hopeful about resolving the issues quickly and aim to relaunch the event next week. 

The Night Market has become a sought-after event in the VALORANT universe, offering the players a chance to purchase coveted in-game skins at discounted prices. With the Night Market's suspension, players have temporarily lost access to this much-anticipated event, causing a significant impact on their gaming strategies.

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When is the next Night Market in VALORANT?

In acknowledging the bug and its effects, VALORANT has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring a smooth and fair gaming experience. The developers have reassured players that they are working diligently to resolve the issue and plan to provide an update by June 15 PST.

While the temporary suspension of the Night Market has left players eagerly awaiting its return, this latest update has offered a glimmer of hope. If the problems are resolved as anticipated, players can look forward to returning to the Night Market as early as next week.

As we wait for further updates from the VALORANT team, players are encouraged to stay patient and keep their eyes on the prize: a fully functional and glitch-free Night Market. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.