Revamped VALORANT Progression System Set to Launch in Episode 7: Meet Update 101

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Revamped VALORANT Progression System Set to Launch in Episode 7: Meet Update 101
VALORANT Episode 7 introduces Progression System Update 101, revamping daily rewards, Agent recruitment, and debuting Kingdom Credits.

Riot Games' popular online tactical shooter, VALORANT, will soon see a series of substantial changes as Episode 7 introduces the Progression System Update 101. This comes as a result of the developers' commitment to continually enhance all aspects of their game.

Players have been urged to complete their ongoing Agent contracts before June 27th, heralding the beginning of the new update. Update 101 comes packed with a variety of revamps and new features aimed at rewarding players for their time spent in-game, regardless of the mode they prefer – Escalation, Premier, Comp, Unrated, or TDM.

One major change includes overhauling daily rewards. Now, players can look forward to receiving both XP and Kingdom Credits, a new in-game currency. Kingdom Credits can be used to unlock a range of items for free, adding a new dimension to daily gameplay.

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Additionally, Agent Contracts will transform into an Agent Recruitment event. In a practical improvement, these free event passes will automatically activate on the day a new Agent releases and will remain active for several weeks.

Gamers can earn progress by playing or opt to unlock the Agent immediately with VP. Throughout this period, players will be accumulating both Agent Recruitment progress and XP, as well as the newly introduced Kingdom Credits.

The update also takes into account players who might miss unlocking an Agent during the Recruitment event. They will be able to unlock the Agent anytime afterward in the Agent store using their saved Kingdom Credits.

The cherished Agent Gear from Agent Contracts is still in place with the new progression system. But players now have more freedom in deciding how to spend their earned currency, allowing them to choose the items they want.

Additionally, the Accessory Store introduces a chance for players to earn more than just Agent Gear. Now, they can use Kingdom Credits to obtain past Battlepass Accessories including Cards, Sprays, Buddies, and Titles. However, it's worth noting that the store will refresh its stock every week, and there will be a cap on the amount of Credits one can accumulate.

This move is a boon for players who may have missed out on premium Battlepass items or those new to VALORANT. Regardless of their journey so far, everyone now gets a chance to acquire coveted items like the Airhorn Spray and the Boomer Title.

Riot Games promises that Episode 7 is packed with surprises and will be revealing everything over the next few weeks, so fans are encouraged to stay tuned.