Patch 6.11 Brings Exciting Changes to VALORANT: Agent Updates, Map Adjustments, and Weapon Balancing

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Patch 6.11 Brings Exciting Changes to VALORANT: Agent Updates, Map Adjustments, and Weapon Balancing
VALORANT Patch 6.11 brings Agent updates, map adjustments, and weapon balancing, improving gameplay balance and addressing community feedback.

June 8, 2023 - Riot Games has released Patch 6.11 for VALORANT, introducing a variety of changes to Agents, maps, and weapons. The update aims to improve gameplay balance and address community feedback, with adjustments made to popular Agents such as Breach, Chamber, and Viper, as well as changes to the Pearl map and weapon balancing.

One of the notable Agent updates in Patch 6.11 is for Breach. His ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder (X), now features updated warning visuals that provide a clearer edge to the area of effect. This change will help players better understand when they will be affected by the ultimate, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Agent Updates

Patch Notes 6.11 Highlights

Chamber, who experienced a decrease in pick-rate after the previous patch, receives significant changes in Patch 6.11. His ability to lurk and set up plays has been enhanced. The ability Rendezvous (E) now allows for quicker weapon equip time after post-teleport lockout, reducing it from 0.7 seconds to instant equip time. Additionally, his ability Trademark (C) has an increased disable range from 4000 to 5000, while the trap arm speed has been reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. Chamber's ultimate ability, Tour De Force (X), has also received a firing rate increase of 15%.

Viper, another popular Agent, has undergone adjustments aimed at creating more explicit downtimes when playing around her utility. Her fuel regeneration per second has been reduced from 5% to 3.3%, and the time to regenerate to max fuel once empty has been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. These changes encourage attackers to bait out Viper's fuel, providing more agency and opportunities during retakes for defenders.

Patch 6.11 also brings miscellaneous updates and bug fixes. For example, Yoru's Fakeout (C) can now be visually affected when hit by concussing abilities. Omen's voiceover line in From the Shadows (X) will trigger more quickly, improving discernibility. Sova's cape dynamics have been smoothed out to maintain his silhouette while avoiding enemy position reveals. Furthermore, code related to the trajectory of grenade-like projectiles has been cleaned up, minimizing the occurrence of bugs.

In terms of gameplay systems, Patch 6.11 introduces improvements to the Combat Report. It now shows "Allies Dazed" in addition to "Enemies Dazed" for all Concuss abilities, enhancing the clarity of these effects. Observer Mode has also received performance optimizations for smoother switching between Agents using abilities. Additionally, font systems have been tidied up, and players are encouraged to report any issues regarding different character sizes or styles compared to previous patches.

Map Updates

Pearl Map Updates

Pearl, one of VALORANT's maps, has seen several adjustments in Patch 6.11. The B Ramp Screen has been modified, removing the attacker cubby and making the position more committal and predictable to deal with.

Cubby B Hall Updates

The B Site Screen has been extended, creating a larger pocket for defenders to play from, and new elements like non-pennable sections and crates have been added for additional options.

A new cubby in B Hall

A new cubby in B Hall has been introduced, providing defenders with another position to contest incoming utility and allowing for new angles against attackers. Furthermore, the pillar on B Site has been widened to give players more room to maneuver and reduce the likelihood of getting spammed.

Weapon Updates

Weapon balancing is an essential part of every patch, and Patch 6.11 brings adjustments to various firearms. The accuracy of weapons on ascenders and ziplines (ropes) has been modified, increasing the minimum spread to 

65% of the walking spread. Recoil adjustments have also been made, with increased vertical recoil while firing on the run for weapons such as the Phantom, Vandal, Spectre, and Frenzy. The Shorty has received changes to its reserve ammo, price, and damage, while the Frenzy's spread curve and recoil pitch curve have been adjusted.

Lastly, bug fixes have been implemented across different areas of the game. Agents like Killjoy and Omen have had their abilities fixed to ensure proper functionality, while issues with Sage's Barrier Orb (C) and the Kill Feed have been resolved. Social features have also received attention, addressing bugs related to party groups in friends lists and push-to-talk functionality while the Buy screen is open.

Riot Games encourages players to provide feedback on the changes introduced in Patch 6.11 and wishes all VALORANT players an enjoyable experience with the latest update.