New CS2 Patch Introduces Mirage to Main Menu Scenery and Weapon Enhancements

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New CS2 Patch Introduces Mirage to Main Menu Scenery and Weapon Enhancements
Valve's latest CS2 patch adds Mirage to the main menu, improves weapons, sound, and fixes various issues. Exciting updates for Counter-Strike fans!

Valve Corporation has released an eagerly anticipated patch for Counter-Strike 2, bringing notable updates to maps, weapons, workshop tools, sound, and miscellaneous fixes. The patch features Mirage as a new option for the main menu scenery, along with enhancements to weapon recoil, visual improvements for select firearms, and fixes for various issues. Let's delve into the details of this exciting update.

Mirage Added to Main Menu Scenery

In a move that will delight fans, Mirage has been added as an option for the main menu scenery map in Counter-Strike 2. This iconic map is known for its strategic gameplay and visually appealing design, offering players a fresh and immersive experience right from the main menu. In the previous update Mirage replaces Dust II as official map.

Weapon Enhancements and Fixes

Valve has addressed a regression issue related to weapon recoil on high-punch weapons such as the MAG-7. Previously, these weapons would cause the view model to punch towards the ground instead of upward. With this fix, players can expect more accurate and visually consistent recoil patterns.

Furthermore, several firearms have received visual improvements in this patch. The UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, and Sawed-Off have all undergone enhancements to their appearance, ensuring a more polished and detailed visual representation in-game.

Workshop Tools Fixes

Workshop contributors can now enjoy a smoother experience with the patch's fix for legacy models appearing when previewing new weapon paint finishes. This update ensures that the correct and up-to-date models are displayed, allowing creators to accurately showcase their designs.

Sound and Miscellaneous Fixes

Valve has resolved a regression issue where the 10-second music cue would occasionally fail to play. This fix restores the intended audio experience and ensures players can fully immerse themselves in the game's atmosphere.

Additionally, wooden ladders now produce the appropriate wooden footstep sounds, enhancing the realism of gameplay.

In terms of miscellaneous fixes, the patch addresses the unintended side-effect of free armor resulting from armor refunding. Loadout tooltips no longer become stuck on the main menu, providing a smoother browsing experience. Furthermore, a regression issue related to inspecting Huntsman knives has been resolved, allowing players to fully enjoy the inspection animations.

Valve has also reintroduced the option to pass number keys through to the game while in the buy menu, offering players more flexibility and convenience during purchases.

The patch also includes numerous stability improvements, ensuring a smoother and more reliable gaming experience for all Counter-Strike 2 players.

Counter-Strike 2 continues to evolve and refine its gameplay experience through regular updates. Valve's commitment to addressing player feedback and enhancing various aspects of the game is evident in this latest patch. Players can look forward to further improvements and exciting additions as Counter-Strike 2 progresses toward its official release.