Tdawgg Reveals Discord Chat Screenshot Ranked Stream Sniper Bounty List

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Tdawgg Reveals Discord Chat Screenshot Ranked Stream Sniper Bounty List
Discord chat screenshot reveals stream sniper bounty list targeting content creators and esports players. Controversy erupts as betting links are exposed. Investigation underway.

In a shocking revelation, popular content creator Tdawgg has recently disclosed a screenshot from a Discord chat that exposes a bounty list targeting stream snipers in ranked games. The screenshot includes the names of 13 individuals, consisting of both content creators and professional esports players, along with their Twitch profiles. Each name on the list is associated with a specific bounty price denominated in dollars.

The Discord Bounty List

The details of the screenshot reveal the following information:

  1. SHAHZAM - $50 (ETH / BTC)
  2. KYDAE - $50 (ETH / BTC / PAYPAL)
  4. PROD - $40 (ETH / BTC)
  6. SINATRAA - $35 (ETH / BTC)
  7. BABYJ - $30 (ETH / BTC / PAYPAL)
  8. ZELLSIS - $30 (ETH / BTC)
  9. STEWIE2K - $25 (ETH / BTC)
  10. TDAWGG - $25 (ETH / BTC / PAYPAL | ZELLE)
  11. GRIM - $20 (ETH / BTC)
  12. EXALT - $20 (ETH / BTC)
  13. SHAHZAM - $20 (ETH / BTC)

Although the name of the Discord server remains undisclosed, one Redditor explained the situation, stating, "TLDR: someone created a paid Discord bot that uses your Riot ID and bypasses the anonymity of streamer mode. There's a list of the bot users/streamsnipers in the various servers that leverage the bot to snipe, win trade, and make bets. Of course, players like lucki & benzi are there." Additionally, the Redditor shared a YouTube video link providing further insights, but the video now appears to be set to private.

Another Redditor commented on the video, saying, "Yo he literally just made it private when I was 20 seconds into the vid. I'm dead."

Motive Behind the Bounties

The motive behind paying these bounties is the opportunity to place bets on games and potentially make a profit. Individuals can pay a bounty to a stream sniper and then proceed to place bets, often with odds that favor the stream sniper's performance. This allows them to potentially multiply their initial bounty payment if the stream sniper performs as expected. There's a whole reddit thread about this.

In response to the absence of bounties for the two biggest streamers, Tarik and TenZ, one Redditor questioned the reason. Another Redditor replied, "Probably don't play enough ranked lately. TenZ hasn't been streaming as much, and Tarik is always watch partying."

The revelation of this ranked stream sniper bounty list has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community. Authorities and platforms are expected to investigate the matter further to ensure fair play and preserve the integrity of competitive gaming.