xQc: "We don't need more women in Esports" on FaZe Rain and Grace Drama

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xQc: "We don't need more women in Esports" on FaZe Rain and Grace Drama
Popular Twitch streamer xQc sparks controversy with views on gender in esports amidst ongoing FaZe Drama involving Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain.

June 4, 2023 - In a recent live stream, xQc voiced his opinion on the ongoing FaZe Drama, expressing his belief that skill should take precedence over gender when it comes to participation in esports. The heated controversy within the FaZe Clan revolves around the clash between OG member FaZe Rain, new member Grace Van Dien, and FaZe Corporate, with Rain previously leaking Van Dien's joining news. Amidst this backdrop, xQc's remarks have added fuel to the fiery debate.

On June 1, tensions reached a boiling point as Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain engaged in an emotional confrontation, during which Grace threatened to leave FaZe if the video was released. Despite her plea, FaZe Rain published the video, further intensifying the feud within the FaZe Clan.

Popular Twitch streamer shares controversial views on the inclusion of women in esports, addressing the FaZe Clan controversy involving Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain

During his recent stream, xQc weighed in on the matter, expressing his view that the focus should be on skill rather than gender in esports. He criticized the notion of "needing women in esports" as overly progressive and highlighted the importance of selecting players based on merit. He emphasized that many talented female players already exist within the industry, and it is unnecessary to go out of the way to pick individuals solely based on their gender.

xQc expressed his views on gender in esports during a recent reaction, stating, "We need skilled players who deserve a spot, regardless of gender. Forcing women into roles based solely on being women is counterproductive." He emphasized the importance of recognizing deserving individuals, regardless of gender, and highlighted the presence of talented women already in the industry.

xQc's comments have sparked further discussion and controversy within the gaming community, as the debate surrounding diversity and inclusion in esports continues to evolve. The FaZe Drama remains an ongoing saga, with differing opinions and perspectives driving the discourse surrounding the issue. Previously, Asmongold also shared his opinion and supported Grace.