IShowSpeed Attacked at the FA Cup Final

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IShowSpeed Attacked at the FA Cup Final
Popular online personality IShowSpeed attacked during FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium. Video captures shocking incident.

June 3, It was an exciting day at Wembley Stadium as IShowSpeed watched the final match between Manchester City and Manchester United. He was recording everything for his live stream when something unexpected happened. A person sitting near him suddenly attacked him.

Luckily, IShowSpeed had a security team that was prepared for such situations. They quickly handled the attacker and made sure no further harm was done. The incident caused a bit of chaos, but it was soon under control.

During the commotion, IShowSpeed dropped his phone, but a person in the crowd picked it up and returned it to him. IShowSpeed felt shaken but managed to stay calm. His camera recorded the whole incident, and in the video, he was confused and upset, wondering why he was attacked when he did nothing wrong.

In the video, he can seen saying, "What? Bro, what did you just do? Why did he just f*cking punch me, bro? Why did he put his hands on me? I didn’t even touch him!"

News of the incident spread, and people showed their support for IShowSpeed on social media. They condemned the attacker's actions and stood by IShowSpeed.