FaZe's Karrigan Reflects on Tough Victory and Looks Ahead to ENCE Rematch

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FaZe's Karrigan Reflects on Tough Victory and Looks Ahead to ENCE Rematch
FaZe Clan's Karrigan reflects on victory, upcoming ENCE rematch: "Expect a very explosive game." Burnout concerns addressed. Team aims for improvement.

Dallas, TX - FaZe Clan's CS:GO player Karrigan shared his thoughts on the team's recent victory, struggles, and their upcoming rematch against ENCE in an exclusive interview with HLTV.

In their hard-fought match against Ancient, Karrigan admitted that it wasn't an easy ride for FaZe Clan. As they started having positive results, the team shifted to a more passive playstyle, which ultimately proved detrimental. Karrigan felt that they made some mistakes, potentially due to aim fails, leading to a prolonged match. He emphasized the need to analyze the game and rectify any errors to avoid similar situations in the future.

During the second half of the Ancient match, FaZe Clan found themselves outplayed, and at times, they felt they outplayed themselves. Lack of information and failure to reclaim lost areas contributed to their opponents' advantage. Karrigan acknowledged the importance of rectifying these issues and drew inspiration from their more aggressive plays on Inferno.

Taking a different approach to preparation for the tournament, Karrigan mentioned a more relaxed mindset this time. Rather than engaging in late-night brainstorming sessions, the team focused on playing intuitively, executing fundamental strategies, and prioritizing efficient trades. However, they dedicated substantial preparation for their recent match, particularly crafting a strong game plan for Inferno, which paid off.

FaZe Clan's incredible comeback on Inferno, following their struggles on Ancient, was highlighted by the interviewer. Karrigan commended ropz for his exceptional 1-vs-3 clutch and expressed his delight in winning intense rounds. He emphasized the importance of having players like ropz performing at their best, as they play a vital role in the team's success.

Addressing concerns of burnout, Karrigan acknowledged the demanding schedule and the toll it can take on teams. Reflecting on the Paris Major, he noted the team's long journey and emphasized that while they always aim to give 100%, it is not always feasible to maintain peak performance. Karrigan explained that sometimes, dedicating slightly less time to preparation can lead to better gameplay, as it relieves pressure and allows the team to enjoy the game more.

Regarding their current form, Karrigan admitted that there are areas in need of improvement. While individual players have showcased their brilliance, consistency is key. Additionally, FaZe Clan currently lacks a reliable, go-to map pick that guarantees success. Communication and understanding between teammates have been ongoing concerns, but Karrigan expressed optimism, citing the positive impact of playing in front of a live audience on their communication. Strengthening teamwork remains their primary focus during the tournament.

Looking ahead to their rematch against ENCE, Karrigan acknowledged ENCE's strong performance in their previous encounters, where they secured victories on Anubis and Overpass against FaZe Clan. However, Karrigan expects his team to step up and deliver a better performance this time. He recognized the skill and potential of the ENCE roster, anticipating an explosive and enjoyable matchup, and expressing his eagerness to face them again.

As the interview concluded, Karrigan expressed his gratitude for the support from the fans in Dallas. He appreciated the enthusiasm of the crowd and felt reminiscent of the days of the old ELEAGUE, where even a small audience made a significant impact with their loud cheers.