FaZe Rain and Mizkif Squashed their Beef

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FaZe Rain and Mizkif Squashed their Beef
Mizkif and FaZe Rain bury the hatchet as apologies and a potential conversation pave the way for resolution.

Recently, Mizkif reacted to the ongoing FaZe Drama involving the coporate side of the FaZe Clan, Grace Van Dien who recently joined the content creator roster, and FaZe Rain.

FaZe Rain took to Twitter to address Mizkif directly, expressing his change of heart: "I take back what I said cuz I need to stay factual and idfk if it actually happened and I'm hearing you cleared it. So my fault everyone was telling me otherwise, I apologize for that fr! But the Grace stuff please look into more and realize I meant no harm and have been trying to resolve it the whole time."

Mizkif, visibly moved by the apology, responded with appreciation: "This made me tear up someone taking back what they said. I appreciate you not blindly attacking me and apologizing. I followed you back and we can talk if you want."

The exchange between the two streamers signifies a potential step towards reconciliation and understanding. While Mizkif expressed gratitude for the apology, it remains to be seen how their conversation will unfold and whether it will bring further resolution to the ongoing FaZe Clan drama.

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