FaZe Rain Calls Out the Social Media Manager

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FaZe Rain Calls Out the Social Media Manager
FaZe Rain fires back at FaZe Clan's support for Grace Van Dien, calling out the social media manager in a scathing tweet. Tensions escalate within the organization.

The ongoing feud between FaZe Rain and FaZe Clan has taken another heated turn. After the organization publicly showed support for Grace Van Dien, who has been at odds with Rain, the co-founder of FaZe Clan, Rain responded with a scathing tweet directed at FaZe Clan's social media manager, Cbass.

In a recent tweet, FaZe Rain wasted no time in expressing his frustration and firing shots at the organization. He directly called out the FaZe Clan's social media manager, Cbass, with a terse message: "Ratio shut ur dumb*ss up Cbass."

This public call-out comes as a continuation of the ongoing feud between Rain and Grace Van Dien, which has been marked by exchanges of insults and confrontations. Rain has been openly critical of Grace's inclusion in FaZe Clan, sparking controversy among fans and members of the organization.

The tension reached its peak when FaZe Clan issued a statement publicly supporting Grace and denouncing the mistreatment she faced. However, Rain's response indicates that he is not backing down and is willing to challenge the organization's stance.

This is not the first time Rain has taken aim at Cbass. Previously, Rain threatened to leave FaZe Clan unless Cbass was fired, suggesting an underlying conflict between the two. The recent tweet only adds fuel to the already heated situation, raising questions about the stability and unity within the organization.

As the feud continues to unfold, it remains uncertain what impact Rain's response will have on the relationship between FaZe Clan and Grace Van Dien. The future of their collaboration hangs in the balance, with tensions running high and divisions becoming more apparent. For latest updates on this drama checkout here.