IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs Schedule, Teams, Prize Pool

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IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs Schedule, Teams, Prize Pool
Get ready for an electrifying showdown as IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs commence on June 3. Top CS:GO teams battle it out for the championship title and a share of the $250k prize pool. Don't miss the epic grand finale on June 4!

Dallas, June 1, 2023 - The tension rises as the IEM Dallas 2023 CS:GO tournament enters its Group Stage matches, paving the way for an intense Playoff showdown. Organized by ESL and held in the vibrant city of Dallas, the LAN event promises thrilling gameplay and fierce competition. With the final Group Stage matches set to conclude on June 1, the top teams will advance to the Playoffs, scheduled to commence on June 3. The highly anticipated grand finale will take place on June 4, 2023.

Out of the original 16 teams, only eight have survived the Group Stage battles, and their names will soon be etched in the annals of CS:GO history. Among the remaining contenders are some of the industry's biggest names, including Heroic, G2 Esports, OG, MOUZ, ENCE, Astralis, Cloud9, and FaZe Clan. These teams have demonstrated exceptional skills and strategic prowess, earning their spot in the coveted Playoff stage.

Group A has witnessed intense battles, with Heroic and G2 Esports emerging as the front-runners. Both teams have shown remarkable resilience and teamwork, securing their place in the upper bracket final. Meanwhile, in Group B, ENCE and Astralis have dominated the competition, vying for a spot in the upper bracket.

In Group A's lower bracket, OG and MOUZ find themselves locked in an intense struggle for survival. With their tournament lives on the line, these teams will leave no stone unturned in their quest to stay in contention. In Group B's lower bracket, Cloud9 and FaZe Clan face off, determined to secure their position in the Playoffs.

The Playoffs will adopt a single-elimination format, heightening the stakes for each match. All encounters will be played as best-of-three, promising intense battles and strategic showdowns. The teams must bring their A-game to navigate the treacherous path to the grand finale.

As the tournament progresses, the remaining teams will be one step closer to claiming their share of the impressive $250,000 USD prize pool. The distribution of the prize money is as follows: the champion will walk away with $100,000 USD, the runner-up will receive $42,000 USD, and the third and fourth-placed teams will be awarded $20,000 USD each. The fifth and sixth-placed teams will receive $10,000 USD, while the seventh and eighth-placed teams will be granted $6,000 USD. Teams placing between ninth and twelfth will receive $5,000 USD, and thirteenth to sixteenth will be awarded $4,000 USD.

The winner will qualifies for IEM Cologne 2023 and will get 2,400 BLAST Premier point.

Alongside the gripping CS:GO matches, IEM Dallas 2023 will also feature an entertaining Showmatch on the day of the grand finale. This year, Team USA will clash against The Universe in a friendly exhibition match. Skadoodle has been announced as the representative for Team USA, while the lineup for The Universe is yet to be unveiled. This exciting event adds an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling tournament.

With IEM Dallas 2023 showcasing the best CS:GO talent in the world, fans and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the climax of this high-stakes event. The Playoffs, beginning on June 3, will determine which team emerges triumphant and secures the prestigious title of IEM Dallas 2023 champions. As the countdown to the grand finale begins, the CS:GO community waits with bated breath to witness the ultimate clash of skill, strategy, and determination.

Stay tuned for more updates and exhilarating CS:GO action as IEM Dallas 2023 reaches its thrilling conclusion.