Asmongold Supports Grace Over FaZe Rain backlash

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Asmongold Supports Grace Over FaZe Rain backlash
FaZe Clan feud escalates as Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain exchange personal insults. Streamers Asmongold and Disguised Toast join the controversy.

The feud between Grace Van Dien, the newly joined content creator of FaZe Clan, and long-time member FaZe Rain shows no signs of simmering down. The clash erupted when Rain spoiled Grace's addition to the organization on Twitter and criticized her involvement as a "political move." The exchange escalated with personal insults exchanged on both sides. Now, prominent streamers, including Asmongold and Disguised Toast, have stepped in to support Grace, amplifying the ongoing drama.

FaZe Rain, one of the co-founders and well-known members of FaZe Clan, publicly criticized Grace Van Dien's inclusion in the organization. He took to Twitter to call it a "political move" and mocked her lack of knowledge about FaZe Clan's history in trickshotting, a significant aspect of their early days. Rain further launched a series of personal insults, suggesting that Grace had made Stranger Things her entire identity and dismissing her as mediocre.

In response to Rain's comments, Grace Van Dien addressed the controversy during a Twitch stream, which has since been deleted. She brought up Rain's past struggles with drug addiction, highlighting his journey toward recovery. Grace expressed her pride in Rain's improvement but also made it clear that personal attacks should not have been a part of their exchange.

While some viewers supported Grace's response, it sparked outrage among a portion of FaZe's fanbase. The heated exchange fueled further divisions within the community.

Streamers Asmongold and Disguised Toast Stand with Grace

Popular Twitch streamer and World of Warcraft star Asmongold voiced his support for Grace Van Dien during a live broadcast. He expressed his belief in self-defense and justified Grace's response to Rain's personal insults. Asmongold's stance garnered attention as he emphasized the importance of treating others with respect and avoiding personal attacks.

Additionally, streamer Disguised Toast openly sided with Grace, using his platform to criticize the original members of FaZe Clan for their disapproval of Grace's inclusion. The backing from prominent streamers further escalated the ongoing feud and attracted more attention to the controversy.

As the clash between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain intensifies, fans and the gaming community eagerly await any further developments. The involvement of streamers like Asmongold and Disguised Toast adds a new dynamic to the controversy, with their support amplifying the ongoing drama. The divisions within FaZe Clan and the reactions from the wider gaming community continue to shape the narrative surrounding this feud.