YouTuber Ordered to Read Defamation Sentence Weekly on Camera by Judge's Unprecedented Decision

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YouTuber Ordered to Read Defamation Sentence Weekly on Camera by Judge's Unprecedented Decision
YouTuber ordered to read defamation sentence on camera weekly, pay damages in groundbreaking ruling. Judge rejects freedom of speech defense.

In a groundbreaking ruling, a judge has handed down a unique punishment to a YouTuber, Daniel Santomé, known as Dalas Review, after finding him guilty of defaming his ex-girlfriend's father. The judge has ordered Santomé to read his sentence on his YouTube channel every week for a month, while also imposing a fine of nearly $13,000 in damages to be paid to the father.

The legal dispute between Santomé and his former partner, María Rubio, a streamer known as Miare's Project, has been the subject of public attention. Spanish outlet elDiario was the first to report on the judge's unprecedented sentence, which stems from Santomé's repeated derogatory remarks about Rubio's father on his YouTube channel. Santomé had labeled the man an "abuser," "an aggressor that's full of shit," and a "sick coward who's messed up in the head," going as far as accusing him of assaulting defenseless women on the street.

With over 10 million followers on YouTube and a significant presence in the Spanish streaming scene, Santomé's social relevance influenced the judge's decision. The judge determined that Santomé's insults carried weight due to his large adolescent following and dismissed his defense of freedom of speech. The judge emphasized that Santomé's comments were clearly insulting and could not be considered protected speech.

In addition to the weekly on-camera reading of his sentence, Santomé has been instructed to delete the nine videos containing defamatory statements about his ex-girlfriend's father. The judge particularly highlighted Santomé's accusation of abuse, stating that such false claims should not be made, especially given the government's efforts to combat violence against women.

Santomé took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the judgment, maintaining that his ex-girlfriend's father had indeed assaulted her and denouncing the sentence as an injustice. He described the various grievances he had allegedly endured, including witnessing his girlfriend being hit and having his dog stolen, suggesting that his response was justified.

In a video addressing his followers, Santomé accused his ex-girlfriend and her family of exploiting the case for attention. He announced his intention to appeal the ruling and requested financial assistance from his fans to cover his legal expenses. It is worth noting that Santomé has faced legal troubles before, with a previous acquittal in 2018 over allegations of sexually abusing a minor fan due to lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, Rubio celebrated the judge's decision on Twitter, considering it a victory. Encouraging other creators who have faced similar harassment, she urged them to stand up against toxic individuals and not be intimidated. Rubio expressed gratitude for the legal precedent she believes her case has set.

The controversial judgment has sparked discussions about the boundaries of freedom of speech, the responsibilities of public figures, and the impact of social media platforms in legal disputes. Read more entertainment and streamers news.