MrBeast's Arrest - YouTuber Airrack's Wild Prank

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MrBeast's Arrest - YouTuber Airrack's Wild Prank
Popular YouTuber MrBeast arrested in an astonishing prank pulled off by Airrack. Details and aftermath revealed.

Popular YouTuber Airrack pranks on fellow YouTuber MrBeast. The prank, which involved Airrack orchestrating MrBeast's arrest by real police officers, was meticulously planned over the course of several months. Airrack's motive for revenge stemmed from MrBeast allegedly poaching Airrack's best friend and collaborator, Tyler, to work for his own YouTube channel.

The plan was set to unfold during MrBeast's supposed meeting with Elon Musk at the Twitter headquarters in New York City. Airrack claimed to have been in contact with MrBeast's assistant, who unknowingly aided Airrack's scheme. Furthermore, Airrack had allegedly made arrangements with the New York Police Department to arrest MrBeast after the meeting.

Just as Airrack and his team were preparing to execute their prank, they received a text from MrBeast's assistant, informing them that the meeting had been canceled due to Elon Musk's unavailability.

To Airrack's surprise, MrBeast contacted him and invited him to a mastermind event in North Carolina. Sensing an opportunity to salvage his revenge plot, Airrack immediately agreed and swiftly adjusted his plan to target MrBeast in his home state.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Airrack decided it was time for the big reveal. He made a pre-dialed phone call to MrBeast while the latter was in jail, pretending to connect him to a lawyer. MrBeast eventually realized that Airrack was behind the prank, leading to a lighthearted exchange between the two.

While MrBeast appears to have taken the prank in stride, one can only wonder what epic retaliation he has in store for Airrack in the ongoing prank war between the two prominent YouTubers.