Monte CEO Denies Rumors of BOROS Transfer Amidst Growing Speculation

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Monte CEO Denies Rumors of BOROS Transfer Amidst Growing Speculation
Monte denies BOROS transfer rumors as CEO confirms no contact made. Speculation surrounding CS:GO star's future remains uncertain.

In a recent statement to Ukrainian website Players, Monte's CEO, Dmytro Vovk, dismissed the circulating rumors surrounding the team's interest in acquiring Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas. The Ukrainian organization clarified that they had not made any contact with the talented player, putting an end to the speculation that had been making waves in the CS:GO community.

BOROS himself confirmed to Players that he has yet to engage in negotiations with any team for a potential transfer. Following the conclusion of the BLAST Paris Major 2023, several media outlets had reported on various organizations expressing their interest in acquiring BOROS, although specific teams were not disclosed.

The rising CS:GO star, BOROS, previously expressed his desire to join a top-10 HLTV-ranked team. Monte's impressive performance at the Paris Major seems to have caught the attention of many, as the team secured the 10th spot in the rankings. During the tournament, Monte delivered a stunning display, notably dominating against NAVI and advancing to the playoffs. Unfortunately, their journey came to an end in the quarterfinals, where they suffered a 0:2 defeat against GamerLegion. Despite this setback, BOROS managed to finish as the 12th best player according to ratings, drawing praise from analysts and casters who highlighted his exceptional performance.

Looking ahead, Monte is gearing up for their next big challenge, the ESL Pro League Season 18. With high expectations and a determined roster, the team aims to build upon their recent success and solidify their position among the CS:GO elite.

As the CS:GO community eagerly awaits the upcoming tournaments, BOROS' future remains uncertain. While rumors may continue to swirl, Monte's CEO's categorical denial of contact regarding the player's transfer has shed some light on the situation. The CS:GO world will be eagerly watching to see what unfolds next for BOROS and his potential move to a new team.