Russian Caster PCH3LK1N Denies NAVI Roster Change Rumors

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Russian Caster PCH3LK1N Denies NAVI Roster Change Rumors
NAVI roster change rumors denied by Russian caster PCH3LK1N, raising questions about team's performance. Updates on the CS:GO powerhouse.

Following recent rumors regarding the potential removal of coach Andrij "B1ad3" Horodenskyj and Andrij "npl" Kukharskyj from Natus Vincere (NAVI), affiliated Russian caster Aleksey "PCH3LK1N" Pchyolkin, associated with Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, has stepped forward to refute the claims.

PCH3LK1N, known for his connections within the CS:GO scene, clarified that the news he previously hinted at did not pertain to B1ad3, npl, or any roster changes. He expressed his surprise at the rumors and advised against believing any speculation about player departures at this time.

NAVI's recent performance has been under scrutiny, as the team failed to reach the playoffs at the BLAST Paris Major 2023. Despite a nail-biting match against FaZe Clan, NAVI missed out on securing victory and has been on a gradual decline since their dominant days in 2021. With only a single trophy at the BLAST Spring Finals last year, the team experienced setbacks such as losing Boombl4 and struggling to find synergy with sdy.

The addition of npl to the roster earlier this year failed to yield significant results, as NAVI's performance remained satisfactory at best. Furthermore, s1mple himself faced one of the most challenging events of his career at the Major.

As the CS:GO community awaits further clarification from NAVI regarding the team's future plans, doubts linger about their ability to reclaim their former glory. Stay tuned for more updates on NAVI's journey as they navigate through a turbulent period in the competitive CS:GO scene.