CS:GO Analyst Pimp Weighs In on NAVI's Rumored Roster Changes

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CS:GO Analyst Pimp Weighs In on NAVI's Rumored Roster Changes
CS:GO analyst Pimp shares his views on NAVI's rumored roster changes, emphasizing the importance of retaining coach B1ad3. Insights and opinions revealed.

Renowned CS:GO analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche has shared his thoughts on the ongoing rumors surrounding Natus Vincere's alleged roster changes involving coach B1ad3 and player npl. Although, the Russian Caster who is closely related to s1mple, PCH3LK1N denies NAVI roster change rumors.

Pimp expressed his indifference towards npl's potential departure, acknowledging the player's efforts but suggesting that he may not have been the right fit for NAVI at this time, leaving room for potential growth in the future.

However, Pimp strongly voiced his disagreement with the notion of removing B1ad3 from the team. He emphasized the scarcity of coaches capable of building successful teams, firmly stating that B1ad3 is undoubtedly one of them. Pimp argued that prioritizing the acquisition of a proper coach and support staff should be a top consideration for many teams within the top 30 rankings, even before renewing star players' contracts.

Pimp acknowledged that s1mple, as a prominent figure in NAVI, might have a say in the decision-making process. However, from an external perspective, Pimp struggled to envision a scenario where s1mple would not want to continue working with B1ad3. If any issues arose due to B1ad3's selection and belief in npl, Pimp believed it would be an overreaction.

Additionally, Pimp expressed his reservations about npl as a pickup and the decision to have electronic serve as an in-game leader (IGL). He noted that, given the current global circumstances, NAVI may have been limited in their options. Ultimately, Pimp expressed his hope that the rumors surrounding B1ad3's potential departure would remain just that—a rumor.

As the CS:GO community awaits official announcements from NAVI, the opinions of industry experts like Pimp shed light on the potential impact of roster changes and the significance of coaching dynamics in shaping successful teams. Stay tuned for further updates on the situation as it unfolds.