Top 10 CS:GO Teams after BLAST Paris Major 2023

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Top 10 CS:GO Teams after BLAST Paris Major 2023
Discover the top 10 teams that have emerged as dominant forces in CS:GO following an intense final major. Dive into their achievements and recent performances.

In the wake of an exhilarating final major, the CS:GO landscape has witnessed a reshuffling of power as the top teams battled it out for supremacy. With intense matches and jaw-dropping performances, the stage is now set to recognize the elite squads that have solidified their positions in the upper echelons of the competitive CS:GO scene. Let's delve into the achievements, recent form, and aspirations of the top 10 teams that have emerged victorious in the aftermath of the epic final major.

1. Vitality


Reigning supreme at the top of our rankings is Vitality, who showcased their dominance with an outstanding achievement score of 500. Bolstered by a solid performance in recent LAN events, they amassed a total of 1000 points, securing their place as the team to beat in the CS:GO realm. With a +1 change in their ranking, Vitality has proven their mettle on the grandest stage.

2. Heroic


 Nipping at the heels of Vitality, Heroic displayed exceptional prowess throughout the major. Despite a slight dip in form (-1 change), their achievement score of 435 and impressive LAN performance earned them a total of 747 points. Heroic remains a formidable contender, constantly challenging the established order and aiming for greater heights.

3. FaZe


The FaZe roster has exhibited resilience and determination, propelling them to the third spot in our rankings. With an achievement score of 326 and a recent upswing in form (+2 change), FaZe is on an upward trajectory. Their 552 total points signify their growing dominance in the CS:GO landscape, with eyes firmly set on future triumphs.

4. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere

Despite a slight slip in their ranking (-1 change), Natus Vincere maintains their status as one of CS:GO's powerhouses. With an achievement score of 252 and a strong showing at LAN events, they accrued a total of 441 points. Armed with an exceptional roster, Natus Vincere is poised to reclaim their position at the pinnacle of CS:GO.

5. Cloud9


Making significant strides and boasting a remarkable improvement in their form (+1 change), Cloud9 secures the fifth spot in our rankings. Their achievement score of 224 and impressive LAN performances earned them 441 points. Cloud9's resurgence signals a resurgence of their former glory, making them a formidable contender in the CS:GO realm.

6. G2


Facing a slight setback in their ranking (-2 change), G2 is determined to regain their momentum and rise through the ranks once again. With an achievement score of 295 and a solid LAN performance, they amassed 400 points. G2's exceptional firepower and tactical finesse continue to pose a threat to any team they face.

7. GamerLegion


A dark horse in the CS:GO landscape, GamerLegion has turned heads with their stellar performance. Showing remarkable growth and improvement in their form (+24 change), they have climbed the ranks to secure the seventh spot. With an achievement score of 192 and impressive LAN showings, GamerLegion has amassed 378 points, proving their mettle in the face of formidable competition.

8. Liquid


Despite a minor slip in their ranking (-1 change), Team Liquid remains a force to be reckoned with. Their achievement score of 239 and consistent LAN performances have earned them 364 points. Team Liquid's talented roster and strategic prowess make them a formidable opponent for any team in the CS:GO arena.

9. Apeks 


Emerging as a rising star, Apeks has surprised many with their impressive performances. With a notable surge in form (+15 change), they have climbed the rankings to secure the ninth spot. Apeks' achievement score of 134 and their commendable LAN showings have earned them a total of 290 points, signifying their potential to challenge established contenders.

10. Monte 


Rounding out our top 10, Monte has demonstrated their resilience and determination. With an achievement score of 104 and a remarkable surge in form (+12 change), they earned 253 points, firmly establishing themselves as a team on the rise. Monte's impressive performances have caught the attention of the CS:GO community, setting the stage for their continued ascent.

1 Vitality 500 200 300 1000 +1
2 Heroic 435 130 182 747 -1
3 FaZe 326 73 153 552 +2
4 Natus Vincere 252 69 120 441 -1
5 Cloud9 224 89 128 441 +1
6 G2 295 57 48 400 -2
7 GamerLegion 192 88 98 378 +24
8 Liquid 239 62 63 364 -1
9 Apeks 134 93 63 290 +15
10 Monte 104 99 50 253 +12

The aftermath of the final major has unveiled a new pecking order in the CS:GO realm, with these top 10 teams showcasing their dominance, skill, and potential for future triumphs. As the competitive scene continues to evolve, these squads will strive to solidify their positions, surpassing their rivals, and leaving their mark on the ever-competitive world of CS:GO. Brace yourselves for an exciting journey ahead as these teams vie for glory in the battles yet to come.