Valve reduced AWP's magazine size and M4A1-S long range damage

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Valve reduced AWP's magazine size and M4A1-S long range damage
After many community requests, especially from CS:GO pro players, Valve has finally added some flaws in M4A1-S to make it less effective on long ranges, but they also reduce the AWP's magazine size, and people are not happy with it.

On November 19, Valve (who owns Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) patched some new changes to the game, including replacing CS:GO's iconic map Dust2 from the Active Duty map pool with Anubis. It is a shocker for many because players expected it to be part of the Active Duty group but not by replacing Dust II.

Along with removing Dust2 and adding Anubis, Valve also announced in a blog post that they are reducing the AWP's magazine size from 10 bullets to 5 bullets. From having 30 bullets in 3 rounds to making it 6 rounds of 5 bullets each with a quote"so make them count!."

Besides stealing bullets from AWPers, Valve also goes hard on specifically CT side by reducing the long ranges damage on M4A1-S. I don't know how I feel, but here's the CSGO community's reaction to this news.

The Esports Historian Thorin called out the game managers who look for the game balance as mega noobies.


kennyS, who recently left G2 Esports for Team Falcons:

Overall, the community reaction is mixed for both guns, but more people are supporting the nerf of M4A1-S on long ranges. The Ukrainian star player s1mple also believes that M4A1-S was overpowered.