kennyS left G2 Esports for Team Falcons and will play his first pro-CSGO match after 20 months

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kennyS left G2 Esports for Team Falcons and will play his first pro-CSGO match after 20 months
G2 Esports and kennyS part ways on November 15th. kennyS will play his first match after almost two years for his new French CSGO roster Team Falcons today.

On November 15, G2 Esports announced that kennyS is no longer part of their CSGO lineup. Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, 27 years old, has been a professional player for G2 Esports since February 2017, and for 20 months, he has been inactive in the team and was not part of any pro-CSGO match since March 21.

He played as an AWPer for the European team for around four years in the active roster and later spent almost two years as a non-active member of the G2 Esports. After leaving the organization, he joined Team Falcons, a Saudi Arabian CSGO roster which consists of all French players like hAdji, Python, NBK-, misutaaa, and now kennyS.

Team Falcons acquired kennyS in place of Bryan "Maka" Canda for their active squad as Maka was benched in October 2022. He played an AWPer for the team.

kennyS stated his departure that the day had finally arrived and felt weird. There have been long discussions about kennyS whether he will ever be a part of the active roster or leave the organization. G2 Esports already has an AWPer in their active CSGO lineup, which they bought this year from the Ukrainian Esports organization Natus Vincere, who is considered the next s1mple. Therefore the chance of the former AWPer joining the current active roster was almost zero.

In a tweet, he said, "That day finally arrived, what a weird feeling! After representing the org for such a long time, it’s now over, I don’t wanna make it long, I wanna thank from the bottom of my heart all the people I’ve worked with (players, staff, employees and owners) I’ve learnt so much and also made amazing relationships throughout the years, I don’t have the words to express my gratitude towards the club. Representing such a big organization and being the face of the CSGO team was such an honor and pride! Beyond everything I wanna thank the G2Army for their unconditional love and support. G2 you are always in my heart, this tweet is written out of feelings and not planned at all, once again I’m out of words, I could speak about those (almost) 6 years for hours.

Thank you and much love 🖤🤍

G2 kennyS"

Almost after two years of not playing in any professional CSGO match, kennyS will play for Team Falcons in their upcoming match today. After joining the SA esports team, he also changed his Twitter handle from G2kennyS to FLCNkennyS and said, "I'm beyond excited and happy that I get the opportunity to play again! I'm aware of the challenge ahead (a VLOG will be release during the day for more explanation), I want to thank my team mates and @FalconsEsport for believing in me and giving me such an opportunity 💚💚"

Later, he added"Thanks for the incredible support today, so much emotions, can't wait to play my first official game tomorrow and drop 0.4 rating. Love y'all 💚💚"