IEM Rio 2022 Champions Stage Finalists

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IEM Rio 2022 Champions Stage Finalists
The IEM Rio Major 2022 Champions Stage overview, finalists, match details, and summary of Legends Stage.

Today was the last day of the IEM Rio Major's Legends stage. The final stage, Champions Stage, will begin two days from now. The current major is the most hyped CS:GO Major in history, but it's also a shocker for many. The defenders of this stage could not even reach the payoffs in this Major. Out of the top five teams (per the HLTV rankings) eliminated from the major in the Legends Stage, only Natus Vincere and Cloud9 advance to the Champions stage. 

Three elimination matches, NAVI vs BIG Clan, MOUZ vs Ence, and Team Liquid vs Team Spirit, were played today. Where the Ukrainian roster NAVI, MOUZ, and Spirit made it into the Champions Stage and Ence, BIG, and TL ended their Rio Major here.

Unexpectedly, the former Major champions FaZe Clan becomes the first team to be eliminated from the Major by 0-3. Then Team Vitality lost to ENCE in Round 3, NIP to Sprout, and lastly, Team Liquid today. The reason to mention these teams is that they were the most hyped and fan-favourite teams compared to their in-game rivals and also on top of the ranking charts.

Now, the IEM Rio Major Champions Stage will be played in a single-elimination bracket where eight finalists will fight for the semi-finals and the grand finale.

IEM Rio Major Playoff Matches

The Champions Stage will start in two days from now between the following teams.

Team A   Team B
Cloud9 VS MOUZ
Outsiders VS Fnatic
Heroic VS Team Spirit
FURIA Esports VS Natus Vincere