XTQZZZ stepped away from G2 Esports' Head Coach

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XTQZZZ stepped away from G2 Esports' Head Coach
The 33-years-old Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam left G2 and left analyst Jan "Swani" Müller as a Interim Coach.

G2 Esports not qualifying for CS:GO Rio Major 2022 was a complete shock for the fans and the community, but a similar scene also happened with Astralis, four times major champion who didn't qualify for the IEM Rio Major.

Before RMRs' G2 underwent some significant changes, Alexib left to join NIP and Hooxi replaced him as the team's new IGL. Except for NiKo and huNter, all players are new at the moment compared to the beginning of this year.

More recently, the head coach, "XTQZZZ" of G2 Esports, has stepped away from the position. The news was officially announced yesterday by G2 on Twitter. However, the information was floating around for quite a few days.

Currently, G2 Esports appointed Jan "Swani" Müller as an Interim Coach who was working as an analyst for the team. Besides that, no additional updates about the new head coach have been out there yet. XTQZZZ has also not commented anything after leaving the German team.

The 33-years-old Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam joined the German CS:GO roster at the beginning of this year to fill up the vacant head coach spot. G2 says on his departure, "Last week XTQZZZ informed us of his decision to step down as head coach. Thank you for all the work and all the memes coach. Best of luck in your future adventures."