VALORANT Pro launches his personal brand merchandise

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VALORANT Pro launches his personal brand merchandise
21-years-old TenZ launched his own brand merch called TenZ / Project T.

The 21-years-old VALORANT professional player TenZ aka Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is one of the youngest players in the VALORANT community. He is also an former CS:GO professional and retired from CS:GO and moved to full time streaming in January 2020, and became Cloud9's first VALORANT player.

He is currenly playing for Sentinals (a VALORANT esports team). On 29th of August, the star player lauches his personal brand merchandise called TenZ or Project T. According to the tweet, the merchandise is only available for a limited time until September 19th.

The pro gamer annouced this on Twitter yesterday with a promotional video featuring TenZ himself. He quoted, “Merch going live today!!! Super excited with how everything turned out and hope you all like it as well. They will be available until September 19th.

The official website is live at As of now, the website shows white and black hoddies, shorts, caps, and T-Shirts with TenZ logo on them.

Fans seems excited about this Project T from TenZ.