tarik joins Sentinals

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tarik joins Sentinals
The inactive CS:GO professional and former member of Evil Geniuses Tarik Celik joins Sentinals on Wednesday!

One of the most well-known content creators in the VALORANT community right now and the Counter-Strike professional, traik, aka Tarik Celik, joined the esports organization Sentinals today.

Tarik joined the Sentinals as a full-time content creator. Tarik has been active in the pro-Counter-Strike scene since 2014 and left the Evil Geniuses (as his last CS team) in January 2022. Since then, he has been inactive in the CS:GO pro scene but streaming on Twitch regularly, mostly VALORANT.

The esports organization Sentinals announced this news on Twitter an hour ago with a welcome video.

Currently, it's not clear whether he will play in the pro scene or stick with streaming but let's see!