moistcr1tikal backs Froste's claim of getting underpaid

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moistcr1tikal backs Froste's claim of getting underpaid
This amount is an outrageous amount to charge when they are even doing the actual work.

moistcr1tikal aka Charlie aka penguinz0 backs Froste's acquisitions on 100T of getting paid less. Yesterday, a Twitch streamer Froste claimed that the esports organization mistreated him as they were getting paid even less than their rent was and sometimes they needed to skip meals to keep up with their expenses.

A few hours ago, the famous YouTuber and streamer moist posted a reaction video on YouTube commenting on the drama between 100 Thieves and the former members of 100T's team, The Mob.

As Froste claimed that the organization was taking a whooping cut of 95% of all sponsorship deals they were getting through the 100T umbrella. Charlie called this outrageous and not suitable for the overall industry. As the creator is doing most of the work in the deal, management organizations should not charge this much of a percentage as they are only intermediatory in the deal, not the actual labour providing results.

Moist himself is running a talent management company called Human Media Group, where they provide creators with sponsors and companies with the talent to promote their products. Charlie mentioned that they are managing 100s of creators under Human Media Group, and they only charge 15% and sometimes even 10%.

The most amount they should charge is 20% which is enough. We're taking 15% and are still profitable, added by Charlie while commenting on Nadeshot's video, justifying his side of the story.

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