OG beats FaZe and made into Play-in stage Finals

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OG beats FaZe and made into Play-in stage Finals
FaZe Clan is on the verge to be eliminated from BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022!

FaZe Clan lost to OG in the Semi-Finals of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 Play-in stage in a Bo3 match. OG win the match by 2-1 against FaZe Clan today. broky from FaZe becomes the player of the match. In papers, FaZe looked more stronge than OG but they lost. Checkout the match preview: OG takes on FaZe in BLAST Premier Fall Groups Play-In Stage

On the other side, flameZ and nexa secured most of the kills from OG with 57 kills and 18 assists each followed by degster with 53 kills and 7 assists.

OG picked the Ancient, then Mirage by FaZe Clan and Inferno left as a decider match.

The first map played in Ancient and OG snatched it from FaZe hands by six rounds leading with the overall score of 16 - 10.

The second map was Mirage which was selected by FaZe and they wins that map by 16 - 9.  This was a great win for FaZe after losing the first map.

In the third map, FaZe was looking to finish the map as soon as possible but OG destroyed their attacks and defenses pretty well in Inferno.

Match Stats

OG Stats

Player K D A ADR KAST Rating 2.0
flameZ 57 53 18 81.5 71.8 1.13
nexa 57 55 18 82.7 78.2 1.15
NEOFRAG 47 57 12 69.8 67.9 0.92
F1KU 45 58 15 69.8 64.1 0.86
degster 53 50 7 68.7 62.8 0.99

FaZe Clan Stats

Player K D A ADR KAST Rating 2.0
rain 42 57 19 72.4 70.5 0.93
broky 63 51 133 81.6 80.8 1.23
Twistzz 65 51 9 85.9 71.8 1.23
karrigan 42 55 15 63.1 64.1 0.86
ropz 59 48 11 76.8 73.11 1.12

See the full overview of the match: FaZe VS OG - BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 Play-in Stage. Tomorrow, OG will face Astralis in the finals of the Play-in stage, and FaZe pushed down to the Last Chance match where they will face the losing team in the finals. Then the winner will continue their Journey and the loser will get eliminated to the Showdown stage.