HooXi's first map win for G2 as a captain

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HooXi's first map win for G2 as a captain
"Yeah! We can win at moment but it's definitely going to be tough against BIG," - HooXi says.

The final match of BLAST Premier fall groups 2022 play-in stage, between the European CS:GO teams G2 Esports and BIG. The match is the best of 3. The new in-game leader of G2, HooXi recently had his first map win as playing for G2 after losing the first two matches in the Group Stage against Team Liquid and Natus Vincere last week.

In an interview with esports commentator and analyst James Banks, the captain of the European team says, it's just one map, not the entire match so, nothing to celebrate yet." When asked about his feelings by the commentator.

James also asked what you guys took from the previous version of G2 and HooXi commented, "we took nothing from the old team basically or maybe one thing. On Vertigo they didn't feel very comfortable and I feel very comfortable on the map. So, I just went by the things I like and the things guys wanted me to keep."

HooXi also shared his view on m0NESY when asked by the analysts, "I didn't really watch him back then during his time with Natus Vincere Junior and Achedmy but I knew that he was really good."

"I just asked him what do you want to do and try to make him feel comfortable and he is not scared to say his opinions. So, that's very good for 17-years-old."

G2 Esports vs BIG play-in match is currently undergoing. The second map Dust2 is in progress and G2 has already won the first map Vertigo. For match-related updates, see live at G2 VS BIG - Play-In Stage Quarter Final.