s1mple arrived in Copenhagen for knockout stage

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s1mple arrived in Copenhagen for knockout stage
The CS GOAT is back at Copenhagen for BLAST Premier tournament.

The Ukrainian professional CS:GO player s1mple and also known as the best player of all times arrived in Copenhagen yesterday to compete in the BLAST Premier Fall tournament 2022.

As previously we mentioned that s1mple is probably competing in the BLAST Premier play-in stage games and now it is confirmed. The 24-years-old pro gamer posted an Instagram story yesterday of him standing in the elevator of the hotel building with his location in the caption, “Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers”.

Later it was also confirmed by the CS legend's team Natus Vincere on a Twitter post quoting, “Guess who's back” with a picture of Oleksandr. Fans of NAVI and the player are excited and welcomed him.

s1mple will take his spot back from headtr1ck who was a stand-in for the team in this tournament as an AWPer. s1mple will play his first match of BLAST Premier 2022 on August 27 against the winning team of the Semi-finals.

Natus Vincere is already in the finals of the play-in stage in Group B along with Astralis being the finalist of Group A and Heroic being the finalist of Group C.