CS:GO community banning Kickboxer Andrew Tate

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CS:GO community banning Kickboxer Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate now getting DE platformed from CS:GO community

CS:GO community has started banning Andrew Tate from their communication networks. Yesterday, Faceit permanently banned him from the FPL circuit and announced this on Twitter.

The reason for banning Andrew Tate has not been clarified by the esports organization as of now. They just tweeted this with a picture of Andrew Tate.

The decision could have impacted as Meta the parent company of Facebook and Instagram's banned him from their platforms and later the ban was followed by TikTok and YouTube as well.

According to SkyNews, The ban comes days after the former kickboxer, branded a "threat to young men", had his official accounts removed from Facebook and Instagram for violating policies around dangerous individuals, parent company Meta said.

Later he became engulfed in further controversy after making a string of offensive comments about women, including suggesting women "bear some responsibility" for being assaulted, which resulted in a Twitter ban.

After Faceit banned Andrew Tate, the esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas also banned the former kickboxer from their Discord server. The news was announced by NIP CS:GO Twitter handle two hours before Faceit banned him.

Update: ESEA has also banned him from their forums and quotes, “Andrew "tatertotlambo" Tate has been banned from the ESEA forums”.