Bad News Eagles team becomes an Independent Organization

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Bad News Eagles team becomes an Independent Organization
Bad News Eagles is now an esports organization!

The European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports team Bad News Eagles announced on August 24 (Today), that they will operate as an independent organization.

Until today (24 Auguest), the team was working as an independent team without any organization.

Bad News Eagles (BNE) issues an official statement about the current state of their organization's environment. By reading the statement it is clear that the Kosovar organization was looking for sponsors to support their training boot camps and to keep up with their current business ongoing expenses.

However, they have not found any offer that is sufficient for their needs. Although, they sorted out and comes down to two specific offers however, they were still not exactly what they wanted.

For us as a team, salary is not the most important factor in this decision but the staff that an organization has and how they can help us develop ourselves in and out of the game, added by the team.

The pro team also says that the most important factor for us is the opportunity to Bootcamp regularly without any hassle which is the most critical factor for any esports team to compete with others teams and win.

It seems like Bad News Eagles are also having visa issues for their players or organization memebers as they added to Bootcamp line and said, "this is for us is where visas are also very important".

The team is looking for sponsors who can handle their ongoing expenses but can also help them with visas so, they can invite their players from different countries for training.

The esports team also asked on Twitter, "if you're interested in sponsoring or collaborating with us, please direct all serious inquiries to James Banks at"

The team is working hard and fully focused on practicing and preparing for the CS Major, and ready to showcase themselves as one of the best teams in the world, said in the statement.

My comment, if anyone reading this article and is interested in esports-related investment please reach out to Bad News Eagles.

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