s1mple returning to BLAST Premier next week?

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s1mple returning to BLAST Premier next week?
s1mple probably be the part of NAVI's Play-in CS:GO roster for the BLAST Premier Fall Group 2022

On August 20th, we stated that s1mple won't be playing in the BLAST Premier Group 2022 due to some personal issues and now Natus Vincere also confirmed through a press release. s1mple was replaced by the Ukrainian team another CS player but from the academy team. NAVI Junior player Daniil "headtr1ck " Valitov, who flew to the team's Bootcamp and already started training, will be s1mple’ temporary replacement. Previously, headtr1ck played for the main roster in ESL Pro League Season 5. Together with him, the team took three victories: over AGO (2 : 0), Evil Geniuses (2 : 0), and Complexity (2 : 0).

Although, there are no updates on whether he is going to participate in the Play-in stage matches of the season's tournament or not.

However, at the beginning of Group B matches yesterday, commentators and analysts said that s1mple might appear in the play-in stage matches too but they were hesitant to say it surely.

But in the end, it was confirmed that s1mple is out only for this week, not two weeks, and will be joining the team next week in the second part of BLAST Premier Fall 2022.

Though the current playing style of the team even without s1mple doesn't look like they were missing him or the team's performance saw anything lacking. headtr1ck has given his best and it shows in their scorecard.

Sure, the team lost the first match against Complexity but they quickly picked it up under the teachings of b1ad3 and in fact, NAVI wins the whole Group B of BLAST Premier 2022 yesterday.

That winning helps the team to directly enter the Finals of Play-In Stage Group B and still, there are five days for the match and s1mple has enough time to complete his personal duties.

Along with Natus Vincere, Astrlis also in the finals of the Play-in stage for Group A and 3rd team will join them today as a Group C finalist after today's Group C matches.