NAVI lost to Complexity in the 1st match of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022

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NAVI lost to Complexity in the 1st match of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022
Complexity took a strong lead against the Ukrainian roster and wins the first match of BLAST Premier Fall Group B match 2022.

In the beginning, both teams take one round each where NAVI takes the pistol round and Complexity wins the second round with some AKs.

Till round 8, NAVI holds ground and stops Complexity from planting or even entering their sides. Especially, headtr1ck was able to show his AWP skills and took several headshots.

In round economy round from Complexity, b1t took quad kills near the toilet. At the end of round 8, the score was 2-6 for the Complexity and NAVI match respectively.

Overall, the first half was in control of the Ukrainian roster but then FaNg comes out of nowhere and changed the entire scene of the match. At the end of the first half Complexity won 8 rounds and completely put barricades on NAVI's road, stopped them at 7, and also wins the first half of the match.

The Complexity winning streak continues in the second half. hallzerk took 3 headshots in the 16th round and helped his team to win the pistol round.

Till round 20, Natus Vincere was able to win only one round where Complexity won 12 rounds and NAVI was at 8. The Ukrainian roster was going out of time as they still needs 4 rounds to equalize the score but on the other hand, Complexity only required 3 rounds to win the whole match.

In the 21st round, NAVI win the round and pushed the North American roster a little back. Now, this round was a little breathing space for the Ukrainian roster but then lost the 22nd round and had no money left so, the next round was the economy round for NAVI and they lost it.

Now at the end of round 25th round, Complexity reached 15 and NAVI was at 9. Chances were little to zero for the Ukrainian roster at this time and in the next round Complexity wins another one and snatched the NAVI's game and turned it into their own victory.

In the match, FaNg comes on top and secures the most kills 22 not just from the Complexity side but in the entire match. 

Whereas headtr1ck books 21 kills highest from Natus Vincere's side.

This was the first match for headtr1ck it was not a great team wise but individually he proved that he is not just a junior player.

The second match of BLAST Premier Fall Group 2022 will be played between Team Liquid and G2 Esports.