headtr1ck replaced s1mple in BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022

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headtr1ck replaced s1mple in BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022
The AWP god is on leave from the office for a few weeks.

The Ukrainian AWPer and arguably the best Counter-Strike player of all time, s1mple is not going to be playing in the BLAST Premier fall groups 2022. s1mple is replaced by the Natus Vincere another CS:GO division player from the CS academy team.

Daniil “headtr1ck” Valitov is an 18-years-old CS:GO professional for Natus Vincere Junior. Valitov started his Counter-Strike career in 2018 and has been active since then. Previously, he played for Natus Vincere Youth and then migrated to the Junior team of the CIS esports organization.

The reason for replacement was that s1mple is having personal issues that he needs to solve. Earlier, s1mple also hinted through an Instagram story that a big announcement coming soon. Although, it is not clear whether he was referring to this specific thing or something else.

It is expected that s1mple won't be playing throughout the fall group matches including Play-in stage games, as he will be on leave for 2 weeks.

On August 20th, the group B match between Natus Vincere and Complexity is going to be played in Denmark. The match will start around 11:00 AM UTC. For more details about the match please see the matching page: Natus Vincere VS Complexity.

As NAVI, previously explained sdy's extension in the team till December 2022. For context about the sdy's situation, he is playing as a temporary replacement for Boombl4, as Boombl4 had some health issues so, he was benched and still, it is confirmed whether he is going to play for the team after that period or not. sdy is a professional CS:GO player for MAD Lion and currently, he is playing for NAVI as a Rilfer.

MAD Lion doesn't have any other player except sdy on the team and they are currently inactive.