Astralis amazing comeback in the Group A Final

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Astralis amazing comeback in the Group A Final
Astralis wins the FALL Group A of BLAST Premier

After first rounds in the match Team Vitality maintains the lead throughout the game. But the ending of second half,  Astralis recovers, equalizes the score board and throws the game into overtime.

Match Summary

At sometimes, Astralis seems like recovering however Vitality holds their grounds while playing on CT side and took when playing from T side. Astralis lost several easy to win rounds when Vitality was in economy.

From Team Vitality Magisk took the most as per HLTV rating 2.0 of 1.24 and Farlig with 1.36 from Astralis. However, dupreeh took the most kills (30) from Vitality and on the other hand with 29 kills, Farlig from Astralis.

While losing easy rounds Astralis did won several complicated rounds like 26th and score reached was 12-14 but still they were two rounds behind the Vitality and in the next round again Astralis wins another round with blameF taking two with headshots including one with a tap.

In 28th round, Astralis makes the score equal and finally got some hope to wins the game. Till the 30th round, Astralis reached 15, while Vitality was at 14 as Vitality played economy round.

30th round wins by the Vitality and with equal score of 15-15, match went into overtime (OT).

In the interesting overtime, Astralis snatches the game from Vitality's hands and becomes the fall group A winner by 19-17 against the Team Vitality.

Player of the Match

With an incredible play Asger 'Farlig' Jensen becomes the player of the match.