Stewie2k wants to become a pro VALORANT player

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Stewie2k wants to become a pro VALORANT player
Former CS:GO pro Stewie2K confirms that he want to play VALORANT professionally and compete in esports tournaments.

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional and one-time CS:GO major winner Jake Yip aka Stewie2K, in a live stream on Twitch talked about his plan to go as a VALORANT pro.

Stewie2K mentioned that he wants to get picked up by an VALORANT esports team and will grind everyday on stream. Even if he misses champions or any other VALORANT tournament but he will be streaming everyday on Twitch and hopefull will get picked by a team.

The 24-years-old former CS:GO professional says, “I'm gonna grind everyday, everyday... Everyday I will be on stream grinding, I’ll be trying to get into scrims. Even if I miss champions I'll be down to streaming.”

Stewie2k recently retired from professional CS:GO scene and after two weeks of leaving. He announced on Twitch stream that he want become a VALORANT professional. He was playing for Evil Geniuses as a Rifler.

Stewie2k also holds the first CS:GO major trophy for North American region along with four other of members, during his time with Cloud9.

This announcement also backed the leaked chat between stewie2k and Wardell. In that leaked conversation the two were talking about VALORANT game in-general and also the pro scene.


Wardell tells Stewie, “that going streamer is good but you want to go as a pro, you're going to need a really solid team because everyone is brain dead. He also said, that the game is super easy and you don't need skills. You just have to think, meaning that you should be able to strategies.”

Then Stewie replied, “yeah that's the thing i feel like in val since it takes no skill its hard to have consistency lmao.”

Lastly Wardell explains why the game is not consistant. He says, “that's not it. People don't play the game properly and that's it's not consistant. I swear Optic and probabaly XSET is the only team that play the VALORANT like CS:GO. He then added, I don't think XSET is that good lmao.”