HEET's JACKZ Emotional Goodbye Message To His G2 Fans

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HEET's JACKZ Emotional Goodbye Message To His G2 Fans
G2 Esports' long-time player JACKZ left the team and joins France based CS:GO team HEET gaming.

As previously we posted that JACKZ left G2 to join HEET Gaming, left an emtional message for his G2 fans. In a Twit Longer post, the 30-years-old CS:GO Rifler stated:

\r\nFate put G2 on my path and gave me the incredible chance to live from my passion.\r\n

\r\nDespite the ups and downs, I was able to meet great people and be part of a family that accompanied me in my evolution and allowed me to become the person I am.\r\n

\r\nLaughter, tears, joy, doubts, disappointments, questioning but it was a wonderful adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life.\r\n

\r\nMy biggest disappointment is not to have lifted a T1 trophy despite the efforts of everyone (sorry don Carlos de la vega.)\r\n

\r\nThe G2 book is closing but teammates, staff and fans know that you will always have a special place in my heart.\r\n

\r\nMy heart remains a blue white and red rooster and the language is more romantic atu. So it was an obvious choice for me to join a tricolor team in order to fight to make the French CSGO scene shine. I can't wait to start this new chapter of my life and I have the feeling that it will be incredible too. Thanks to HEET for their trust and see you on the server next week. ❤

Currently, there are only players left in the G2's CS:GO roster and it's unconfirmed that who is going to be their 5th player in the active roster. Fans are also expecting that long-time inactive player kennyS may join the active roster of G2.

We have reached both G2 Esports via email and kennyS through for a comment on this. So far they have not responded to the request.